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PSSpeech is a collection of functions to work with Azure Cognitive Services, more specifically the Speech Service. The function Get-SpeechToken can be used to get an OAuth token for authentication to the service. The function Get-SpeechVoicesList can be use to get a list of available voices and the function Covert-TextToSpeech can be used to convert a given string to speech.

Get-SpeechToken -Key <yourkey> 
Convert-TextToSpeech -Text "Hi there, how are you doing today?" -Path hithere.mp3



Convert a string to audio using Azure Cognitive Services.


Get OAuth token for authorization to Azure Cognitive Services.




Get a list of available voices from the speech service.

Download & Source for TAK

The Module is available on the PowerShell Gallery, you can install or download it using the following commands:

Install-Module -Name TAK -Scope CurrentUser
Save-Module -Name TAK -Path <Path>

And you can find the source on GitHub: tomtorggler/TAK