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Using PowerShell and Azure Cognitive Services to convert text to speech

In one of our recent Microsoft Teams projects I needed some voice prompts for a customer service call queue.

Send Check Point Logs to Azure Sentinel (beta)

Azure Sentinel is Microsoft’s new, cloud-native security information and event management (SIEM) tool. In my simplistic point-of-view it is a security-focused, machine-learning-driven add-on for Log Analytics (OMS). Today we will be looking into ingesting Check Point Firewall logs into Log Analytics.

Create a SAS token for AzCopy

I’ve spent way too much time trying to figure this out, so here goes a quick note that hopefully saves someone a minute.

Powershell Script to enable specific Office 365 Service


Currently I’m in an Exchange Migration project to migrate all mailboxes from Exchange onPremise to Exchange Online. Yeah.. of course.. killing Exchange onPrem… again :)

Azure AD Connect: Failed to load configuration information

When upgrading Azure AD Connect (ADSync), the wizard fails with the error: “Failed to load configuration information from primary ADFS server”.

Azure Site Recovery Deployment Planner

Today I was super excited about the first tests with the Azure Site Recovery Deployment Planner. Sometimes calculating the Bandwidth, Storage, local infrastructure needed for Site Recovery can be very tricky. Therefore, I’m happy that Microsoft released a helpful tool to get the right information needed.

Get started with Azure ARM Templates

To start with the deployment using Azure ARM Templates is quite easy. A first step can be to deploy an Azure SQL Database. But let’s start with a bit of background information:

Disable Azure Backup Protection for a VM with Azure PowerShell

My Azure credits burn faster than expected :) So I decided to remove some VM’s and Backup that I used for a customer’s demonstration. Since I don’t use the Azure Portal for configuration anymore, I fired up Powershell and did the Job. With the following commands, I show you how to stop the Backup for a Virtual Machine and delete the associated Recovery Points.

AzureStack POC TP2 on VMware

I’ve been trying to make the Azure Stack Proof-of-Concept (Preview 2) run on VMware and here is what I found.

Deploying Labs using Azure Resource Manager


I did a demo of Cisco CSR 1000v on Azure the other day and the easy deployment of a small test-network was part of that demo.

Veeam direct restore to Azure

Azure Backup - Part Three

Azure Storage Explorer, the easy way to manage your storage

Azure Backup - Part Two

Azure Backup - Part One

Azure File Services

Re-register Azure MFA Server