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lost & found: FFmpeg and Skype4B, Security Baseline for RS5

A quick edition of lost & found on how to use FFmpeg on WSL to create audio files that can be used for Skype for Business announcements. And an observation about the recently published security baseline for Windows 10 1809 and Server 2019.

lost & found: OpenLiveWriter, RackHD, EHC, diskspd

lost & found: TP4, TH2, Win32-OpenSSH, VS Code

Getting started with OSX

Windows 10 VHD Boot

lost & found: Windows Tech Preview, Delve, Sway and

Lync 2013 (Client) and LyncDiscoverInternal

Windows 8 – Windows To Go

Steve Ballmer on Exciting Times–Office 2013

Windows 8 to Go

Wireshark und Windows 8

Windows 8 - Installation in VHD

Windows 8–Developer Preview

DigiNotar–nur ein Zufall!?

One Note–Kleiner Tipp

Subdomain Certificate Enrollment

Forefront TMG Console – Script Error

SoftAP - Windows 7 Wireless Access Point

AppV Streaming Server

Outlook–gesendete Objekte–Shared Mailbox

Migration ISA Server 2k4, 2k6 zu TMG, WPAD

WebDav, IIS7 publishing over ISA Server Part 2

WebDav, IIS7 publishing over ISA Server Part 1

AppV 4.6–SCCM 2007R2–Streaming Issue

AppV–Adobe Reader Sequencing Receipe


AppV 4.6–Fehler beim Starten

Exchange 2010–GAL Fotos

Windows Virtual PC / interner DHCP Server

TPM / BitLocker Schlüssel in AD DS speichern

Office 2010 fertig!!

WPAD und Server 2008

DHCP Fehler 1003

Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

Windows 7 – Update von RC (7100) auf RTM (7600)

Windows 7 Bootloader, OS hinzufügen

Servergespeicherte TS-Profile, Fehler 1543

Upgrade auf Windows 7

Language Pack für Windows 7

Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 Cluster


Windows 7, Server 2008 R2 und Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 in Deutsch auf TechNet/MSDN

Windows Virtual PC – UnDo und Differencing Disks

Windows Virtual PC

BitLocker To Go

Windows 7 - Sicherheitsproblem in UAC

Windows 7 Neuerungen auf den ersten Blick

RemoteApp mit Zertifikat

Doch kein Windows 7 E

Windows Home Server PP3 (Beta) – Windows 7

Ein paar Infos zu “DirectAccess”

Windows 7 – Nativer VHD Support

Windows 7 – Installation mit USB Stick