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Why is this website so fast?

I have recently updated our website and have learned a few things while doing so.

So long, 2020

Goodbye 2020! What a year it has been.

Keeping track of PowerShellCore releases on GitHub

I’ve been using PowerShell Core on my MacBook for a while now. As the code is still in its early stages, there’s no way of managing/updating the software one is running, at least none that I would be aware of. I did miss some updates and, as a result, had problems with Visual Studio Code. So I’ve put together a quick function that checks the latest release on GitHub and can conveniently be put into my $PROFILE.

Welcome to our new blog!

This site has been running on Azure Web Sites for some time. As we are doing this for fun and are not making any money with the site (see any ad?) we had to use the “Shared” pricing tier which was economically acceptable but from a performance and feature point-of-view, well, not great. We used Cloudflare to get some caching and enable stuff like https and IPv6 for the site and it was OK :) Then came…

PowerShell on macOS

Just sharing some quick notes on how to run PowerShell (and dotnet core) on macOS Sierra.