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Remote EMS over IPMI serial-over-lan

Using standards-based IPMI to get some sort of out-of-band management for AudioCodes’ embedded server modules.

Network assessment with policy-based QoS and iperf3

In Skype for Business and, more recently, Teams deployments, a solid network and a good knowledge of it are fundamentally important.

netsh trace and the Message Analyzer

IPv6 im Unternehmen

Joining WiFi before login on Mac OS X 10.8

Microsoft NDES and Cisco IOS – part 2

Microsoft NDES and Cisco IOS – part 1

With digital certificates being the de-facto standard for authentication, a handy enrollment model is key (pun intended). Microsoft included it’s NDES or Network Device Enrollment Service as a Role in Windows 2008, it has been available as add-on for Windows 2003, too.

Automatic IOS configuration backup

Wireless Sniffing mit NetMon 3.4

Cisco AAA