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lost & found: FFmpeg and Skype4B, Security Baseline for RS5

A quick edition of lost & found on how to use FFmpeg on WSL to create audio files that can be used for Skype for Business announcements. And an observation about the recently published security baseline for Windows 10 1809 and Server 2019.

Tunneling SSH through Tor

I’ve been using Onion Services aka. Hidden Services to connect to remote machines for some time now. Tor clients can connect to such services through the Tor network, there is no need to know the IP address of the destination machine, likewise there is no need to configure inbound port mappings or firewall rules.

The Invisible Internet Project and WSL


The Windows Subsystem for Linux can be used to run quite a few interesting things on Windows, one of them is the Invisible Internet Project or i2p.

Jekyll on WSL


Today we are looking at running Jekyll on WSL or Bash on Ubuntu on Windows.