AppV 4.6–SCCM 2007R2–Streaming Issue

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Hi, tom here again. Talking about AppV and System Center Configuration Manager 2007R2 today.

I was stumbling upon this error while I was trying to stream virtual Applications with SCCM. If I set the advertisement to “Stream virtual applications from distribution point” the following error occurred, though if I set the advertisement to “Download content from distribution point and run locally” everything worked without any problem.


The problem was caused by the malware inspection feature of my ForeFront TMG Web Proxy Server.

If you see “an unexpected error” with the Error Code like: 0A-400000C8 try to disable the Proxy on the Clients for further research.


If you are using Forefront TMG be sure to add the SCCM (streaming enabled) Distribution Point to the Malware Destination Exceptions.


You wont see this error with Application Virtualization Management Server when using RTSP or RTSPS as streaming protocol.
You wont see it even with SCCM if “Download content from distribution point and run locally” is selected because this uses BITS to transfer the whole package to the client and run it locally. Since SCCM uses HTTP/HTTPS for streaming the connection will go to the proxy server and will be killed by Malware Inspection.


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