Moving to Azure…

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… well there is not much more to say. We have been using as hosting provider since the beginning of ntSystems info|tech in 2009. On the upside, their simple “hosting windows” plan worked pretty OK and was very affordable, on the downside, they didn’t really care to update the servers and were not able to provide us with IPv6 or a possibility to manage the DNS zone for

So after testing out various platforms and providers Daniel and I decided to move the blog to Windows Azure. It’s simple, up to date and the new “shared infrastructure” pricing tier is not to expensive, either. We are now in control of the DNS zone and use CloudFlare to improve the sites performance and easily enable IPv6.

As you may already have noticed, we took advantage of Azure’s up-to-date hosting platform to migrate to the latest version of the .NET blog engine.


We hope you enjoy the new design as much as we do and continue to find our postings helpful and interesting :)