So long, 2020

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Goodbye 2020! What a year it has been.

True, I had to cancel some trips and I stayed home a lot more than usual, but apart from that, it was a pretty spectacular year for me. I moved to Amsterdam from a smaller city in the outskirts. I was able to go to Zürich, Sardinia, Marbella, Napoli and a few other places. In a prolonged episode of lockdown blues I managed to get about 1000 km on my road bike done. However, that was sometime before the summer, since then I have been (a lot) less active. I worked a lot. I learned a lot.

Since a certain global event made more travelling impossible, or at least not very recommendable, I’m staying in Amsterdam for the holiday season and started building this new site. After more than 10 years, it’s now time to say: Goodbye


Welcome to our new home. This site is still build with Jekyll and hosted on GitHub pages. I replaced the default minima theme with a custom one, mostly because I wanted to learn and experiment with some CSS features. I also had a good look at some of the more modern static site generators and other alternatives but decided to stick with Jekyll because it is simple and I really don’t need all of that node_modules stuff for just a simple blog.

The new site has a simpler layout with less clutter, should be easier to read on any screen, and it also has a dark theme. Actually, unless you select a theme, it will use the same settings that your operating system (or browser) uses. Pretty slick, right?

What about the domain name you ask? Well, this one was available and it kind of fits with what we are doing at the moment. If you find a better one, I’m open to suggestions 😉

What’s next?

Well that’s a good question. For now, like many others, I’ll be watching how the vaccine rollout is going and what’s happening in the US of A. I would like to become a better writer so I will try to publish my thoughts more regularly. We’ll see how that goes.

With that I wish you all the best for the new year.

— Tom.