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ntSystemsPSDrive is a SHiPS provider for ntSystems.it.

It uses the SHiPS module to create a PSProvider for our blog which exposes our json-api as PSDrive and enables the following:

Import-Module ntSystemsPSDrive
dir ntSystems:
dir ntSystems: -Depth 1
Get-ChildItem 'ntSystems:\Posts by Category\PowerShell\' | Select-Object -Property name,url
Get-Content 'ntSystems:\Posts by Category\ntSystems\Jekyll Fun: Consuming ntSystems with PowerShell' 

You can read more about it here.


Download & Source for ntSystemsPSDrive

The is available on the PowerShell Gallery, you can install or download it using the following commands:

Install-Module -Name ntSystemsPSDrive -Scope CurrentUser
Save-Module -Name ntSystemsPSDrive -Path <Path>

And you can find the source on GitHub: tomtorggler/ntSystemsPSDrive